Whole Turkey


*Please note, our turkey crowns and whole turkeys are only available from Dec 22nd*

The traditional festive centrepiece, a whole turkey. Farmed in Devon just a short drive form our own farm, these turkeys are supper succulent and easy to cook. The meat is marbled with fat, allowing an even cook throughout and resulting in beautifully juicy, flavoursome meat.

About The Farmer:

Our fresh turkeys come from a wonderful farm near Exeter.

Our serving guide:

  • 4-4.5kg serves 4-6
  • 5-5.5kg serves 6-8
  • 6-6.5kg serves 8-10
  • 7-7.5kg serves 10-12
  • 8-8.5kg  serves 12-14
  • 9-9.5kg  serves 14-16
  • 10-10.5kg  serves 16-18
  • 11-11.5kg  serves up to 20
  • 12-12.5kg  serves up to 22

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