Project: Jam Sausage

The European agricultural funded project will have local community engagement by the following points:

• Providing more jobs for the local community to keep employment in the community

Resulting in the following:

• Extend the kitchen/production facilities to improve efficiency

• Create more local employment to develop the business

• Ensure the business maintains its position in the marketplace as a leader in the local farm food producer sector.

• To increase the turnover of the business by around 10%

Project: Jam Sausage

The main aims of our project are to increase production capacity, both in volume and range. Our business already grows and rears a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, and meat on the farm. Due to the seasonality of the produce and our extensive production methods, we inevitably have excess fruit and vegetables in certain months. These fresh items have a short shelf life, so our only options are freezing, finding other uses, or waste. We are conscious of our environmental responsibilities, and waste is not an option.

We have started on a very small scale, producing small batches of pickles and preserves for local customers, and the concept is really working. We are beginning to own the whole supply chain from field to fork. However, one issue is that the process is slow and very labor-intensive, which is reflected in the price of the product. We know there is demand locally and nationally for this type of product, but we need to invest in modern production methods to truly capitalize on it.

We need this investment to sustainably produce jams and chutneys. The biggest cost is labor, and increasing our production output through improved design and equipment will allow us to grow sales. This means we can be more competitive and increase employment by hiring skilled, well-paid people to operate the equipment. The new equipment will also be very efficient, not only in making the product but also in power use, helping to keep costs down and reduce our carbon footprint.

Additionally, we would like to increase our sausage and meatball production. We already make these products in small batches, but the process is very labor-intensive, and costs add up. We are currently at the capacity of our filler and cannot launch any new flavours or associated products, such as black pudding and meatballs. Consistency of the product is also very important, and we are heavily reliant on individual skills. The plan is to invest in a sausage filling machine that will increase capacity tenfold, allow us to produce a wider range of products, and make us more efficient. The filler will also ensure consistent sizing, making it easier to price our products and retail them online nationally as well as locally.

 The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.

This project was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.